Sunday, 16 October 2016

Small actions, Big dreams part 2

           Finally after breakfast I grab my keys and head for the door giving mum a goodbye smile and my dad another cold stare . The door slowly closes to a shut and I make my way over to my Fita 500. My phone pings as I sit down. It's a text from my best friend Sky giving me the plan for the day. Meet at Starbucks, order are usual, drive down to the mall, go shopping and finally have lunch at taco bell!
I start up the engine and the radio busts to life. Hours pass and i don't even realise the time but when I pull up in the car park Sky doesn't seem to be impressed by my late entrance.
"Hey I'm still here aren't I?" I joke as I slip out of my car.
"But I have been standing here for an hour doing nothing but standing here!" She says as a smile creeps from her lips. We have no time to joke around because we are on our way shuffling through the mall with giant grins on our faces. I get some weird looks from strangers as I pass by but I just brush them off. When we reach Starbucks  my phone goes off. It's my dad so I ignore it. Over and over again my dad rings me until I give up.
"What?"I don't bother trying to be friendly because Sky already knows his secret and has always kept the secret.
"It's your mum. She has collapsed on the kitchen floor!"His voice is weak and light.
"I'm on my way dad!" My voice trembles as tears fall down my cheek. At this time I'm sat in my car. I start my car up and drive off down to the hospital...

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