Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Be my valentine?

It had been a couple days and we were non-stop talking until finally he asked me out on a date. The doctors allowed us to go out. We went shopping and danced in the street. We kissed in the park under a tree as the sunlight beamed down. We got weird looks from strangers in the street but we didn't care. later at night we went home to my cold and empty house. Dean stayed downstairs as I got changed into my skintight black dress and my high heels and reapplied my make up. I wanted to impress him. Also I had text the hospital asking if we could spend the night away as a break from that place and they granted one night only! Of course Dean was very happy about it. Dean had obviously cranked up the heating while I was getting dressed because I finally felt like this place did before I caught dad that night. As I made my way down the grande staircase I saw something in the living room that caught my attention. Dean was wearing a smart suit and was holding a heart shaped box of chocolates in the other was a dozen white roses (my favourites)  . Only then did it click inside that today was February 14th ! My mouth dropped and that huge goofy grin laid on his face again.
"Will you be my valentine?" As the words left his mouth a tear of happiness fell down my cheek.
"Of course you goofy boy!" He placed the presents on the sofa and I ran into his arms. Tonight was going to special.

Our date went well and we manged to get home  at around 2 in the morning. We opened a bottle of champagne that mum had left behind. And we headed to bed. Things heated up between us and ...

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