Saturday, 11 February 2017

The start of a new chapter

My mum woke up a couple of days ago but the doctors say she only has a week to live so I have been next to her spending every last second I can get my hands on. My dad came in and I made him tell her his little secret and she told him to stay out of our lives until the day he dies. Dean came over and introduced himself. They got on really well. She is going into surgery that might cure her but the doctors say on 5% of people cure this illness. I'll miss her when she is gone. Let's hope it succeeds!

Mums surgery was successful but she wont be able to leave the hospital until next year. Dean and I left her to sleep for a couple hours and I hung out in his "room". His life is so sad having lost everything pretty much . He is better but cant leave for another month and he has promised me that he will come and visit me and my mum when he can. We gossiped about the popular girls and how they think their perfect. When I went to leave he asked me for my number so he could text me when visiting hour was over and I had to be in my mum's room.

The next day...

I sat next to my mum's snoring. My phone pinged and it was a text message from Dean. I crept round to his room and sat down next to him in his bed. He was fast asleep so I snuggled under the duvet and fell into my own slumber. When I woke up he whispered in my ear "You look cute when you sleep you know!" I felt my cheeks burn up and I bit my lip trying not to let out a laugh. He kissed my forehead. "I'm sorry I didn't know .. I couldn't help myself." He stuttered. I laughed before leaning in and kissing his lips. They tasted like strawberries and felt soft against my own. A huge goofy grin  laid  on his face. And the rest is history...

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