Friday, 10 March 2017

A time of sadness

As they buried her coffin into the ground , Dean held me tightly in his arms. I looked around at the dull faces that had come to say their final goodbyes to mum. Dad, Aunt Jenny, Grandma Lucy, Cousin Jerald, Skyler and many other faces I hadn't seen for a while. My world flew sky high but crashed down in the worst way possible. It was my turn to speak. I inched my way round to the podium and looked down. I said my words and tears streamed down my face. I was officially broken.

At the after party I sang mum's favourite song "Thousand years". Dean and I danced the night away. All I wanted was to hold mum in my arms one last time. Dad slowly approached me as people left giving me their condolences for my loss. He showed me his wrist. There in fresh ink was the same two wedding rings him and mum had yet one was broken and faded and the other shone brighter than diamonds. No words had to be said. He hugged me tightly, nodded his head and left. I turned to Dean and whispered "thank you" with a small smile but that was all I could bring myself to do. Dean and I gathered our belongings and left for home. I craved to in bed between the sheets in Dean's arms listening to Ed Sheerans new album Divide on repeat until I knew every word to every song. I fell asleep doing just that and wondering what the hell I wouldn't do with the troubled boy named Dean...

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